Trough the songs and vocal sounds a person gets uplifted to a place of unity, that means the place where his everyday struggling will be overcome. They support you to climb the ladder, step by step, to open your heart, to reach ever higher comprehension of the light that wants to be known by us.

A human being consists of an outer and an inner part. Through the sounds you will as it were be pulled inside, there will be space to get in contact with your inner being. Receive the sounds and let them bring you to a state of releasing you from your daily state where the mind is often dominating. Now let your heart listen. Your heart which is connected with an inner knowing, an inner wisdom. And when you get in touch with your heart and let it open, then a broader way of being will arise, a change of life, masks will disappear and you will become more who you really are.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Don’t worry, make inner connection.  

It is the love that every human being needs. Love in the form of truth. Not a pat on your sphere, but a powerful energy that pierces everything that is not real. True love is real, sincere, is something that has in it a promise, the promise that everything will be fine. There is no doubt when a person experiences love, there is full acceptance of all that is. When man lives in here and now and has no expectations about the future, all he has to do will be unfolded in the moment and that way he will come to a good future. Worrying does not help, because worrying will take you off the connection to the Only True bearing the truth. So come at rest in your head, do not be tempted to do things that do not matter, but live NOW. And if you are truly present in the moment with a full longing to come to the best what is possible for you, then it will go well, then doubts will disappear and you will be filled with love. Your next step will be pointed out to you, your path will be more and more clear to you and you will come to your final goal, which then will be revealed to you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Today sing a joyeus song, because in addition to all that desire that is – the soul who wants to return to her source – there is joy. Joy because of all the love which already is in this world. Joy because it is possible (for everybody) to connect with your soul, with the higher, with the love which is there for every human. You only have to overcome yourself and not to believe in the truth which is concealed through all the veils. A person who will search for the truth beyond the veils, the coarness of this world, will find it, as every person who sincerely seeks and work to reach the inner connection, will find it – more and more, until there is no difference anymore.